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FIber Optic Implementation

We offers services ranging from consultancy to trunkey project implementation & survey design in the field of optical fiber with our extensive experience and coupled with the in-depth understanding of the local environment.

Cell Site Construction

We can assume the complete responsibility for the cell site construction activity. From planning, organizing and staffing to directing and controlling the resources, we can manage the entire project and drive it for achieving the desired outcome.

Fiber Optic Maintenance

We offer services to proactively and periodically assess the health and performance of your optical fiber network. Identifying and terminating risks is critical for the reliability and integrity of your network and Fiber Cable Maintenance.

Cell Site Maintenance

We offer high level services for cell site construction together with active and passive cell maintenance services that help our clients leverage their key infrastructural assets and promise high quality uninterrupted services to their consumers.

Tower Maintenance

From tower installation to testing to maintenance, we ensure that the project is constructed and completed within the stipulated time and rolled-out as per the technical specifications that ensure excellent performance.

Cable & Equipment Maintenance

We offer comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contracts where we assume responsibility for the day-to-day operation, optimization and maintenance of your network.


1. Fibre optic Network Planning and Route Survey:

A .Planning of Fibre Optic Network: Fibre optic planning to refer to the specialised process leading to successful installation and operation of a Fibre optic Network. Telephone network are mainly outside ( OSP ) system, connecting buildings over distance of as short as few hundred meters to hundreds or thousands of kilometres.
B. General Guidelines of Optical network.
C. Link power Budget Analysis.
D. Planning the route.

Survey and Design of Telecom Towers:

The structural design configuration of telecommunications towers is largely governed by transmission and receiving requirements on a case-by-case basis. Depending on the altitude of a location, this often leads to relatively tall slender structures. Furthermore, access and working conditions for maintenance and installation upgrades are important design considerations. For structural analysis and design to be robust and safe, it is mandatory that the structural engineer carefully reviews design data and understands and captures design loads and conditions for present and futuristic upgrades.

Survey and design of FTTX projects:

We provide integrated telecommunications solutions and services in both fixed networks (HFC, FTTx, FTTB, FTTH) and wireless networks (2G, 3G, LTE/4G, and now 5G). Together with our partners , we are combining our extensive local knowledge, experience and expertise to bring a new approach to fibre deployment programmes that delivers timely, cost efficient & successful results.

Turnkey FTTx Service:.

We manage your FTTx roll out from start to finish with a delivery model that has been developed through experience of 2 million homes and businesses passed encompassing the full spectrum of FTTx rollout, from scope definition and High Level Design right through to Network Testing and Certification.

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